L&Q Grove Park - Healthy Living for All


This project is sponsored by L&Q and for all Grove park residents around the WG Grace Centre, especially for carers or cared for, the elderly and disabled but does not exclude families. We will be working in conjunction with local community groups such as ChART, Grove Park Youth Club and UK Unsigned to deliver well being therapies, activities and a drop in complementary health pain clinic at WG Grace.


We were at the Grove Park carnival Sun 1st Sept and at the Family Day at WG Grace, SE9 4HG on Sat 14th Sept 2019. We have delivered over 10 complementary pain clinics at WG Grace Community Centre in the last quarter of 2019 and 5 more sessions in 2020 as well as linking with local organisations to deliver services in the Grove Park area. Sessions at WG Grace are currently finished.


For more information or inquiries email 

T: 020 8617 8820 (please leave a message)

Healthy Living for over 55's


This project is sponsored by Phoenix Community Chest and is for all Phoenix Community Housing residents.  We have delivered over 28 sessions at Haskins Hall; Hazlehurst Court and Grovehill Court. We are currently doing some 1-2-1's to those who need extra services as well as at various locations including Haskins Hall and also Hazelhurst Court, Beckenham Hill Rd, SE6 3AQ. See latest posters above, you can drop in for free (Phoenix residents) for complementary health sessions, so do let your neighbours know as there has been some great feedback!


The Healthy Living project is for residents over 55 years old; carers or cared for and those dealing with long term health conditions. To improve their social life, their physical, mental & emotional well being as well as help to keep them stay mobile and active for longer, by providing health and well being mental and physical therapies.   


Well Being group sessions could consist of:

Combination of group therapies such as gentle exercise; yoga; group visualisation; group relaxation; learn how to massage yourselves to help alleviate pain and Remedial complementary therapy treatments such as massage and reflexology.


To get involved or attend our sessions - look out on your noticeboards; ask your wardens; check out Phoenix Housing news on their website and for following dates and times at the various locations


For more information or inquiries  

T: 020 8617 8820 (please leave a message)

Low Cost Clinic

An ongoing partnership between MindBody Therapy Centre & Therapy 4 Healing read more...

We welcome all referrals, please ask them to fill out our form to apply.

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