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Massage at St Peter's

Therapy 4 Healing offer services to our community which have been of great  benefit to all of us who volunteer at the St. Peter's Brockley Food Bank and Social Supermarket.   The food bank is currently serving about 200 local  people who otherwise would struggle to adequately feed themselves and their families.  All of this is run by about 40 dedicated volunteers who come weekly to make sure people get their food.  The work is quite demanding, both physically and emotionally, and Therapy 4 Healing's massage services have been a great boost to volunteers' wellbeing and morale.  They are professional, kind and calming in their manner, and their expert massage has eased aching muscles on many occasions.  It is so important for our volunteers to be well-cared for so that they can go on caring for others, and we are really grateful for T4H's contribution to this.  It's been really life-giving for our team of volunteers.


Therapy 4 Healing then kindly extended their care to give massages to our food bank members as well.  These are people who are often carrying the 'weight of the world' on their shoulders, but who could never afford a massage to give themselves some relief.   This gift of therapeutic touch is just such a special thing to be able to offer to them.  We are very grateful.


A Whyte

Love Brockley, Pastoral Care + Leadership Team




Disabled children

My daughter has cerebral palsy which makes her muscles very tense and prevents her from walking and standing properly. Devon forged a close and very caring relationship with Faith very quickly and his massage really has helped with loosening the tightness of muscles enabling her walking speed to improve a lot. He has also given me some great advice and been wonderful support to us. Thank you [Therapy 4 Healing]. The therapy has been an enormous help to my daughter and a joy to watch.

Irene Kompaniyets

Long term Counselling 

How did you find it in the beginning?


In the beginning I found the sessions to be a bit awkward due to the fact that all attention was on me. I wasn't quite sure of how the dynamic was supposed to be and the type of therapy I was receiving. 


Why did you continue after 6 months?


I had made a decision to dedicate as much time as necessary to help tackle various issues and it was starting to actually happen. I was beginning to feel more comfortable with my therapist and didn't want to start over!!


What impact has it had on your life? 


It has helped me to form more of a structure in my schedule. Having a weekly session dedicated to me meant that I had made a solid commitment, which I enjoyed although at times tiring and difficult. I am now learning that I have agency over my life, decisions and perspective on things and would be open to receiving counselling again throughout my life. Anon

T4H LCC and funded scheme

I would like to personally thank [you] for the free treatment plan that helped with my Chronic Pain and would like to say thank you to all the centre staff involved, especially Anneliese and Maria. This treatment really changed my life after losing my job and being diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy. Without this regular treatment, I would be in considerable pain, but having this service available is much appreciated and I don't know what I would have done without it.


This funding is fantastic and should be offered more on the NHS as I believe people would be better off. I really hope that the NHS will consider providing more funding for such treatments as they could improve the quality of people's lives. I would like to see better signage/availability of these types of treatment plans in major places such as hospitals/ doctors surgeries etc. Access to this program was simple to apply for and receive and waiting times not long at all - which is great for those with serious disabilities or physically conditions. T4H and Mindbody Therapy are amazing centres that really do help the community. 


I have no other words but a massive THANK YOU and you really did change both my mental and physical health. AB

Domestic violence counselling sessions

I am really happy that I got a chance to improve my wellbeing with you. It was an immense pleasure sharing my problems and confusions with you. It helped me a lot coming out my depressive and anxious state, from hopelessness to get hopeful about my life. You helped me coming out of my shock phase after a dreadful experience of my life.

I am glad to share that you are one of those angels in my life, which I was gifted by God and which made me rethink that there are still good people exist on the planet. You made me realize that I do exist and I am also important and there is always a meaning of your life.

I got to achieve a lot with my self-esteem and self-confidence, which you helped me rebuild in myself.

I have no words to thank you [-]. I pray and wish you the best of best in you life. I’ll always remember you. ANON

Art therapy counselling

Thank you very very much for all your help, I really appreciate it. I’d also like to add that I have seen much improvement in my self confidence and really feel assured that I’m speaking with someone who cares about what I have to say and offers great tools that I can use moving forward. Anon

Carer on the T4H LCC scheme

I have had therapies in the past, but not for a long time prior to my visit today.  Due to stress and low moods I was referred to [T4H LCC] through my GP.  As a carer caring at home for 4 people and having a job I am completely overwhelmed.  Having this referral made me take time for myself and made me realise that this is what I need to do on a regular basis.  I was easily able to talk to [the therapist] about my situation, she was sympathetic and helpful, and gave an excellent massage.  


Afterward my neck and back pain seemed to have disappeared and I felt light and and refreshed.  Carers receive a discount so it makes it more affordable to look after yourself.  Many thanks. SS

Complementary pain clinic sessions

"This has been life changing. Last year my arms were so painful and I was in a very dark place. My friends had said to me I should probably change my career. This was really difficult for me. I've just had 3 sessions with T4H and already my forearms are so much better - and to think they were going to cut me open to try and solve this problem, when all the time it was just really bad tension. Thanks so much, this really has changed my life"

A's forearms were so painful that he believed that the only option was for him to have an operation on his forearms and he had been offered this by the NHS. Due to Covid19 this had not taken place at this time.

Male counselling

Given [me] a new lease of life. To all the workers I met, you always made me feel better about myself

Womens Group

For me it's been brilliant. You meet people and you learn a lot. For example, how to write a will, what happens when you need a Power of Attorney, carbohydrates, food - it's so interesting. It's a social life and you meet like-minded people. I've come every week (bar one). I do look forward to it. One of the speakers said, What's holding you back from doing what you want to do? (Karen Burke from Therapy 4 Healing). I thought, nothing and I can afford it so I booked a Yoga class. I have got two more and then I'm going to find a different class because they're all very young and been doing yoga for twenty years ... but I wouldn't have done it otherwise. Well-planned term with lots of interesting speakers like Sarah Scott, Marjie Sutton on wills, Susan Saunders on avoiding dementia and Sandra Endersby’s talk on her autistic mum. And this term more speakers are invited to talk. So it’s more than friendly socialising - it's an educational experience..

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