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Our work with organisations

Working with organisations

Great turnout at Parent Support meeting
How our services can help you and your people


We have had great feedback from groups who have benefitted from our sessions, with great outcome and shifts in life.

  • Increasing the health and wellbeing feeling and morale of participants

  • Increasing confidence, self esteem and motivation

  • Helping people to get back on the path to health

  • Bringing teams together with fun and laughter, improving cohesiveness

  • Increasing opportunities for participants to contribute to society

  • Developing skills to help people back into work

  • Increasing community engagement & reducing isolation

  • Engaging children and young people (incl with special needs)

  • Promoting active lives, healthy eating and exercise

Who we work with:


We work with many groups, organisations, companies to deliver our health and well being services to them across London and the South East. Our networks include housing residents; parent carers; women's groups; young people; special needs children; men's carers groups, parents in school and seniors, whether on a 1-2-1 basis or groups sessions.


We have delivered over 25 projects, giving more than 3200 sessions of therapy, activities and workshops working with varying organisations. We have also delivered more than 2000 hours of 1-2-1 complementary therapies.


We have worked with many organisations:

Lewisham Council via Lewisham Youth Services / Woodpecker Youth club

NHS Lewisham

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (NHS SLAM)

Stephen Lawrence Centre

Schools - various across London - children with behavioural issues / parenting classes

Boccia group - for children in wheelchairs with spina bifida or cerebral palsy and siblings

Housing groups -various

SIGNAL charity

Contact a Family

Millwall project.jpg

"The massages, reflexology [and group sessions] has been wonderful, everyone enjoys it and would like [them] to continue. This is the only way residents meet and have a chat and a cup of tea. Thank you very much and hope we can start again soon"

Carer at a sheltered accommodation we helped

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