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Working with the Community through therapies

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

During the 2020 lockdown and 2021 we offered 100's of people FREE 121 SESSIONS over the telephone or zoom, as well as Group sessions, such as relaxation, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and even hula hooping!

When we were able, we also gave physical therapies to those in need.

"This has been life changing. Last year my arms were so painful and I was in a very dark place. My friends had said to me I should probably change my career. This was really difficult for me. I've just had 3 sessions with T4H and already my forearms are so much better - and to think they were going to cut me open to try and solve this problem, when all the time it was just really bad tension. Thanks so much, this really has changed my life"

We even went into food banks to give massages to food bank workers to help keep them going, so they could do an even more amazing job feeding Londoners.

"You are literally helping thousands of people - all the groups here are helping to feed hundreds of people and you are helping us to help them"

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