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Working with disabled and disadvantaged Children and Young People

We have continued to help support disabled and disadvantaged children and young people, up to the age of 25, with therapies including stretching & muscle massage for physical disabilities to enable movement and an ease of aches and pains. Also breathing, relaxation & anxiety management and coaching for cognitive disabilities. When we have no funding, parents have been utilising our low cost clinic. Some of the issues facing children and young people include cerebral palsy, mulitple physical and verbal issues, children on the autistic spectrum and ADHD as well as young carers who need extra support. When we do have funding, we like to offer six FREE sessions to each child/young person, if we feel we can help in any small way. In October 2021 we are welcoming referrals for free treatments (limited amount of free sessions available). Please fill out our project referral form to apply.

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