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Windrush - Digital help available

We wanted to share some information about our independent claimant assistance provider called, We Are Digital (WAD). They can provide free impartial advice and support to anyone who wishes to make a claim under the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Please feel free to share this information with your networks and communities.

We are Digital (WAD)

There are two ways people can contact WAD:

By phoning the Windrush Help Team on 0800 678 1925 and, asking to be referred to WAD. The Help Team will take contact details and share them with WAD, who will then email or phone the individual to discuss the support they can offer.

Or, by contacting WAD directly via the following freephone helpline: 0808 196 8496 or via the link : Windrush Compensation Scheme - We Are Digital Support | Digital Inclusion UK Training (

WAD can provide support through several different methods. They can meet people face-to-face at one of their locations or can meet remotely / virtually either by phone or video call. If people are vulnerable, WAD can arrange to visit their home.

What are the types of support WAD can offer?

  • Digital Assistance – helping people get online and accessing the online forms

  • Guidance on how to complete the form

  • WAD can also submit the completed claim form on behalf of the customer if they are happy for us them to do this

  • If the claimant requires language assistance this can be arranged

Each claimant (Primary, Close Family Member, Representative of Estate) can have up to 3 hours support, that can be broken down into time slots to suit the claimant. If more support is needed, there is an option for WAD to request further time from the Home Office.

Probate claims are allowed up to 1 hour’s support.

During the support session, WAD will support the claimant to complete all sections of the form the claimant feels they have a claim under, and confirm what information is needed to evidence each claim category.

WAD will also support the claimant to complete the impact on life statement and ensure that the customer has clearly linked the statement to their inability to prove legal status within the United Kingdom.

Thank you

Windrush Engagement Team

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