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Afghan Refugees

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Help support Afghan refugees & others in hardship

As a provider of support to refugees across London, the worsening situation in Afghanistan has left our team feeling shocked, saddened…and determined to do more.

Whilst we are unable to help those that now find themselves far behind Taliban lines, we are determined that those who make it to our shores (and to our door!) will feel the collective warmth, of our communities embrace. As our new neighbours are moved from their quarantine hotels into our communities they will need support with their health and wellbeing. With your donations, we can help overcome the sense of abandonment that refugees experience when they arrive into our country. Deposited as they are into immigration hostels with just £7 per week, no right to work, and precious little support. Your donations will also enable us to continue helping the many others in our community that are needing support.

How To Help

The most helpful way to support this effort is by making a financial donation, which will go towards continuing the work to provide health and well being to all our communities.

For further information on how to support visit: Lewisham Council further help

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