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Modality and T4H outreach

Working with the NHS 2023/2024

T4H have recently secured some funding to work with Modality via the Health Equity Fellowship and Public Health Lewisham. This is a great honor and a chance to complete the work we started with the NHS years ago, to add complementary health to their offering via their GP's. We are working with three practices, the Jenner, South Lewisham and Bellingham. Dr Ama Sogbodjor is our GP lead.

We have already attended various groups and events giving free head/shoulder/back massages to support the project which is also aiming for better health outcomes to those who may not usually go to their GP and other factors which has resulted in health inequalities across Lewisham. We hope our work has a lasting impact on our communities.If you would like to get involved and/or join our band of volunteers, do get in touch.

Do look out for all the free community events including other GP's/groups who are covering varying areas across Lewisham. You can drop in and talk to people about your health and in some events get various health screening checks such as blood pressure, kidneys, BMI, heart and more. 

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