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Imago Event - to all carers of Lewisham

This was a lovely event the T4H team attended and gave massages to carers as part of the project via Lewisham Council in conjunction with Modality (PCN). This is so important as it helps to raise awareness and help those who would not usually reach out to their GP but also may feel exhausted not knowing where to go for their health or the health of their loved one. We have worked with carers for over 15 years and we were glad to be part of the event.

For more information on the T4H low cost clinic for carers -

See here how some of the event went...

For further help - this is a message from Lewisham Council, do join their newsletter to stay informed:

Did you know that there are nearly 20,000 people in Lewisham who provide unpaid care to a relative or friend? The Council has funded and introduced a free service in the borough, to ensure that they can access the support they need. It’s called Maximising Wellbeing of Unpaid Carers and is available to carers of all ages. If you are a carer and would like support, you can read more about it here, email or call 0300 373 5769.

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