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Windrush Celebrates: Caribbean Culinary Delights & Dominoes

Come and celebrate with us, part of our legacy


Caribbean food & drinks, dominoes, music of that generation and culture


Sunday 23rd June 2024

2 - 5pm

Taster chair massages - £FIVER

At the MindBody Therapy centre 120 Stanstead Road, SE23 1BX

RSVP to the centre 02034176108 so we have an idea of numbers (first come, first serve)

Celebrating the legacy of our parents history: our history

Devon was born and bred in Jamaica and lived on a farm, caring for animals and selling bammy and fish to local persons before the age of 10. He used to use real coconuts to create the oil to rub his grandfather's back after a hard day's work on the farm. A barrel kid who received a few things from his parents, who had already left to go to England, he like may others, lived with his grandparents. His parents had left to follow 'the streets paved with gold in the Motherland', according to the British history taught in English schools and all its commonwealth, ironic as the true Motherland was and still is, Africa. When another set of grandparents saw that Devon was not thriving, they 'picked' him up to bring him to the UK via a P&O ship to Portsmouth docks, which took 3 weeks before he could attempt to join his new brothers and mum and dad. Estranged by now and moving from the North of the country to the south, thus moving across many schools, his legacy of 'resilience' and finding his own streets led him to eventually creating his own legacy of the MindBody Therapy centre where more people could be reached via the 'coconut oil remedies' of old.

Karen's parents came over from Jamaica in the 50's and 60's, one via a ship and the 'posh' one via airplane. Coming from businesses and secretarial work, they were only 'allowed' factory and cleaning jobs when they came over due to blatant and subtle racism. They themselves through their own resilience began to not only aspire to be in office jobs but actually work in offices. It is due to their hard work and legacy that Karen is here running her own businesses. We are now on the 3rd generation in the UK within our family. Long may we all prosper via England, Jamaica and Ghana.

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