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Walk and Talk group - Croydon

Are you ready to get outdoors? Would you like to join a group, to encourage you to walk? Are you a person of colour (global majority), trying to manage your weight, managing diabetes or any other health conditions OR just need to stay healthy and active - this group is for you!

– Join us for FREE

Walking improves physical health and mental health and wellbeing - come and join us.

At …Lloyd Park Croydon………..


from 11.30 to 12.30

On the following dates:

23rd march ,30th March, 6th April, 13th April,27th April,4th May


Please contact your local walk leader: Mandy 07908435057



NB. Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes or trainers






T4H.ORG.UK   020 8617 8820   INFO@T4H.ORG


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