The work that we do is all the more satisfying when we know we've genuinely helped to improve people's wellbeing. We are truly grateful for all we've been able to do so far!


"Enormously beneficial for this residential community"

"M has cerebral palsy but is very active. We have found the therapy superb to say the least..he continues to enjoy every session and looks forward to the next......we will tell rebecca how relaxed his legs feel and it has contributed to him bouncing back on his feet after his surgery in march as the surgeon was well impressed at his 6 month post check up recently.We would hope he can continue to benefit for the future for as long as possible....Thanks again! Parents C and A" 1-2-1 Therapy

"I have enjoyed these sessions, they help me to relax and my shoulder is so much freer and less sore. Also reflexology has helped my feet. The atmosphere is beautiful, so please can we have some more

"The massages, reflexology [and group sessions] has been wonderful, everyone enjoys it and would like [them] to continue. This is the only way residents meet and have a chat and a cup of tea. Thank you very much and hope we can start again soon"

"I remember how scary the idea of going to a therapist was. I was anxious. I wasn't sure I would be able to share my difficult experiences with a stranger"

"Enormously beneficial for this residential community"

'Thank you for teaching my children how to stay calm and take a breath. Looking forward to using at home'

"My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and gets a full body massage nearly every week.Today I felt very run down so after Faith's massage took the opportunity to have a massage for myself as they had available slot. After 45min of massage and 15min of sauna felt like a new person.Thank you for consistently providing a good service and for being there for me and my daughter. Parent - I"

Counselling has most importantly helped me to identify and take responsibility for my thoughts, actions and patterns of behaviour. Counselling has aided and supported the growth I've felt both mentally and spiritually over the past 18 months and I have noticed that I have become a better version of myself throughout. I am still a work in progress - we all are - but counselling has made me take a serious look at my current and previous circumstances and have more patience and compassion for myself over time. 

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