Eating At the Same Table

Eating At the Same Table is an artist-led support network which prioritises emerging artists of colour. Founded in September 2017 by multidisciplinary artist Rochelle White and Bold Everywhere’s Director, Sasha Morgan, the network has 19 core associates working across curation, education, visual arts, writing and design, as they work to offer the grass roots support, guidance and alternative modes of arts education creatives need as they navigate an art world that can often seem all too intimidating to the uninitiated.



This group is a positive manifestation of the frustration caused by the lack of diversity within mainstream arts and educational institutions, who have long failed to welcome, accommodate or encourage emerging artists of colour. We will all eat at the same table.This is a network in which a bespoke set of personal and professional relationships can flourish between the emerging and the established.

Together, we cultivate and facilitate inclusive, progressive spaces through heuristic community-based arts practice, collaboration and programming. This involves multimodal methods which combines drawing, listening and painting, touching, smelling and in many cases, eating. We have hosted pot-lucks, exhibition and studio trips, film screenings, jazz-painting workshops and critical reading groups followed by discussions, designed in ways where everybody’s voice is heard.



Our programme is tailored to facilitate the individual needs of its artists and those alike, with EAST’s Phantasy Art School inviting over 150 guests across the Black Atlantic to our all-day arts symposium. Eating At the Same Table are devoted to the expansion of this programme and welcomes applications from minority ethnic artists, curators, and writers across the UK.



To contact, support or get involved email us at see our website and follow us on Instagram 

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